About the Cure Cancer Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Cure Cancer Foundation is to lead a national grassroots movement and campaign to put itself and the complete cancer industry out of business. The foundation is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major cause of death in the world by finding the common Achilles Heel of various types of cancer which will kill the cancer, without killing the patient in the process.  Most cancer research today centers around developing therapies which are specific to one type of cancer and the genetics of the particular patient. We at the Cure Cancer Foundation believe a better approach is to develop cancer medicine which will treat a broad range of different cancers in all patients, much like a broad-spectrum antibiotic is effective against a wide range of bacterial infections. And the Cure Cancer Foundation has found researchers who have developed just such a medicine. The immediate goal is to raise the money necessary to complete already approved patient trials so the medicine can be made available to everyone.

Foundation Overview

The Foundation primarily funds National Cancer Institute approved patient trials, which are the last step in the cancer research process before treatments receive FDA approval.

Since experimental medicine is not paid for by insurance, the Foundation helps buy the medicine taken by the patients being treated.

The Foundation also helps research companies raise the capital necessary to conduct all phases of patient trials.

The Cure Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so contributions from individuals and businesses are tax deductible.

 Services Provided

  • Funding patient trials
  • Providing needed medical equipment
  • Covering traveling expenses of cancer patients and their families, through the “Adopt a Patient Program”