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New Drug Producing “Miraculous Results”

Cancer Researchers at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center have developed an Intravenous Fenretinide protocol which has proven to have miraculous results.  The following two pictures show the same hand of a 29-year-old mother of two children, who was in the final stages of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma.

Results of Intravenous Fenretinide
Image Source: Clinical Journal Oncology Nursing, Vol. 13, No. 2 (2009)

After just two cycles of this new treatment she went into complete remission.   Her hands tell the story.  She remains cancer free today, more than three years after the medicine was administered.  The new medicine is non-toxic to normal cells and only attacks cancer cells.

A clinical trial for this promising treatment has been approved by the National Cancer Institute.

The researchers at Texas Tech have enlisted the assistance of the Cure Cancer Foundation, Inc., which has established an immediate goal of raising the money required to purchase the medicine needed for the clinical trial.  The Cure Cancer Foundation has emphasized the importance of rapidly funding the clinical trial, pointing out that a successful clinical trial is required to obtain FDA approval, of what may well be a true cure for patients suffering from T Cell Lymphoma.